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Cisco Poised to "Forever Change the Internet"

Silicon Valley giant introduces speedier technology



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    It's not everyday that someone releases a product that will "forever change the Internet," but networking giant Cisco claims to have done just that on Tuesday.

    Cisco released the Carrier Routing System 3, a new high-speed router that can download the entire contents of the Library of Congress in less that one second. Cisco called this a ""major advancement in Internet networking."

    A CRS is a very large router, which is used to switch data on the Internet. The company claims its CRS3 can move 12 times as much data as current routers.

    "We never focus on competition," said CEO John Chambers.  "We focus on innovation."

    Cisco is not a glamorous company, at least compared to other big companies in the Valley like Google or Apple. But in many ways, it's equally or more important, because it's the equipment Cisco makes that allows Google and Apple (and YouTube and Amazon and everyone else) to move data across the network.

    "It may not be exciting to the every day consumer," Chambers acknowledged.

    In a webcast with Chambers and AT&T Labs CEO Keith Cambron, the company said the new router will help transform the Internet into a full-service entertainment channel.

    "If you went to CES [the Consumer Electronics Show], you know video is the killer app -- it brings things to life," said Chambers.