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Dish Network 'Hops' a Smart DVR Onto the Market

Satellite television provider unveils powerful new DVR player.



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    Dish Network is hoping to get your attention with its new Hopper.

    It's difficult to walk across the Consumer Electronics showroom floor and not see a drawing of a red kangaroo.

    That's exactly what Dish Network wants. The satellite television provider is hoping to catch consumer's eye -- and dollars -- in the age of Netflix, On Demand and DVRs.

    Dish Network introduced a new 2-terabyte DVR-recorder capable of recording six television shows at once in high-definition.

    It has enough memory to 2000 hours of video and it gives users the ability to "hop" between rooms and continue watching the same show using a second reciever named Joey.

    Hence the cute name and the catchy logo.

    The Hopper also comes with the ability to record eight days of prime time programming from ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC.

    Full disclosure: In case you didn't know NBC owns this website.

    The hopping feature appears to be an attempt to compete with Comcast's On Demand feature. The recorder will also have built-in apps and the ability to help users find a missing remote control.

    And Dish Network already has introduced its answer to Netflix, by announcing a partnership last year with Blockbuster to offer its customers Blockbuster Movie Pass as part of its package.