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Facebook and Twitter Add Billions in Value



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    Bay Area social media darlings Twitter and Facebook, along with Chicago-based coupon site Groupon, have gained nearly 70 percent in enterprise value since June, according to a new Nypex report, reported by the New York Times.

    The three companies were valued at a combined $49.7 billion but the differences between each companies value is astounding.

    Facebook was the most valued of the three at $41.2 billion, while Groupon and Twitter split the rest.

    Perhaps most surprising was that Groupon was valued higher than Twitter. The group discount buying site checked in at $4.8 billion, right about what Google was rumored to be offering the company last month. Twitter was valued at $3.7 billion.

    The report, made  by an advisory firm for sellers and buyers of private company shares, looked at other social networking startups like Yelp and Zynga over a five month period.