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Flip Camcorder Gets a Wide Screen



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    The latest iteration in the popular Flip line of portable camcorders trades in its tiny size for something new: a roomy, touch-sensitive, 3-inch widescreen display so you can watch what you shoot right then and there.

    That's the big selling point here, according to parent company Cisco, as "anyone can capture an event and then relive the moment with immediate playback as friends gather around." If you're not running around in the park with the kids and then taking your camcorder over to show grandma, then maybe one of the Flip SideHD's more portable cousins would be for you.

    So, how much will this bad boy set you back?. The first time we caught wind of the Flip SideHD, we figured, since it's a Flip, it'd be only a couple of hun. With that in mind, the $280 asking price feels a tad high, but not by much. For your money, you can record 12 hours of video on the unit's 16GB of storage, though you'll have to do that around the Flip SideHD's two hours of battery life.

    Cisco, via Fast Company