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How to Destroy Your iPad

Many new owners frustrated by poor wireless connections



    How to Destroy Your iPad

    Apple fans are a strange lot. One Pittsburg teenager got his hands on an iPad over the weekend and immediately set about destroying it.

    With a baseball bat.

    He then proceed to buy two more.

    Taking advantage of iPad interest were also the high-tech blender manufacturers at Blendtec for their promotional video series, "Will it Blend."

    And, after a little work busting it in half to fit in the blender, Blendtec proved that, yes, the iPad will blend.

    More iPad destructo-porn may be on the way, as users are starting to get frustrated with the device's ability to maintain a wireless Internet connection.

    Jackson West wishes he had $500 extra bucks lying around to buy something in order to destroy it for YouTube views.