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In Car Streaming Is on the Way: Pandora



    In Car Streaming Is on the Way: Pandora
    Pandora is on a way to car near you soon.

    Pandora is on its way to your car. As if we weren't already distracted enough while driving, the company predicts that all cars will be connected to the Web soon, and the superb Pandora net radio service will be a big part of it.

    Before that utopian day arrives, the company intends to make sure its music-playing app is available on every smartphone and portable music player in the world. Pandora's making great strides toward that goal, and it's already easy to spread the wonders of Pandora all over your home and office.

    So maybe our decision to dump Sirius XM was a good one. Here's the thing about Pandora: As soon as you have the ability to skip a song, specify exactly which songs you like or don't like, and wallow in the serendipity of discovering new music you never would've encountered otherwise, any other form of music discovery pales by comparison.