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IE Users Not as Dumb as Media

Study's Author: Sorry If I Hurt Your Feelings



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    A study released by AptiQuant claiming Internet Explorer Users are not as smart as other browser users.  Media all over the nation mentioned it (including yours truly, CBS and the BBC) .

    Turns out, it's a hoax.

    "In the end, I am once again sorry if I this report hurt your feelings." says the hoaxster, who built a convincing website to fake the study and its sponsoring company.

    " The main purpose behind this hoax was to create awareness about the incompatibilities of IE6 and how it is pulling back innovation. So, if you are still using IE6, please update to a newer browser."

    Ah, the old trick people into updating their browser hoax.

    The hoax worked because the entire idea sounded so reasonable.  Offer an online IQ test.   Determine which browser was used and corellate against the number of correct answers.

    It even stood to reason that smarter people used boutique browsers like Chrome.  Someone who was interested in trying out new software, then downloading, installing and personalizing that software might in theory be a litlte more inquisitive and intelligent than someone who used the browser that came with their computer.

    In the end, though, we the media should have been looking a little more carefully at the study's pedigree.