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Jon Stewart Puts "Net Neutrality Commandments" in Plain English



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    Funnyman Jon Stewart has shown on more than one occasion that he can tackle the more serious issues with a dash of humor and come out making a fresh point. He's doing that now with Google and Verizon's proposal to define net neutrality.

    Jon Stewart makes two big points here, one we agree with and one that we don't. The first covers the big fear: that Google, Verizon and similar companies could make deals that would make certain websites run faster than others, giving priority to the outfits that pay up. As Stewart points out, this is mainly a worry over the wireless side of things.

    We don't see this happening. (We hope this doesn't happen.) As it's designed, Google's language indicates that less regulations are put on wireless as it's a growing space, and fair play will have to be determined on the fly. Of course, the system is only as good as the companies make it, so we'll see.

    The point we do agree with is one Stewart makes in reaction to this idea of some sites getting a privileged spot: "What about porn?" That is, the sad truth here is that if that's the way it's going to be — companies shelling out cash for speed — you have to wonder how many people will actually care enough.

    Right now, we're all hoping that the FCC can stand its ground, and that Google really is looking to continue to "do no evil."

    Check out the clip below.

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