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Report: iPhone 5c Sales "Disappoint"

Cheaper iPhone not holding up in sales figures.



    Report: iPhone 5c Sales "Disappoint"
    Sales of the iPhone 5c are sluggish, according to reports.

    This iPhone is stone cold.

    A month after unveiling two new iPhones, the cheaper 5c is selling at half the rate of the more expensive iPhone 5s, according to, which has dubbed the device "Apple's red-headed stepchild."

    iPhone 5s sales make up 64 percent of all iPhone sales, with iPhone 5c sales comprising 27 percent, according to the Web site.

    A top analyst predicted that Apple will ship 11.4 million units during the third quarter of 2013. That sounds like a lot -- but it's 33 percent down from his initial prediction made in September, CNBC reported.

    Some retailers have responded by slashing the iPhone 5c in price to $50 or less with a two-year contract. 16 GB models with a subsidy originally moved for $99.

    Apple reports its quarterly earnings on Oct. 28, but in the meantime, the "consensus" is that Apple will slash the 5c price even further -- and will be forced to watch demand for the 5s dissipate.

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