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SF Strip Club Sues Oracle over Unpaid $33K Tab



    SF Strip Club Sues Oracle over Unpaid $33K Tab
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    One of Larry Ellison's employees rang up a gigantic strip club bill last year -- and now the New Century Theater wants Oracle to pay.

    Hope it was a good night.

    A San Francisco "gentleman's club" -- the New Century Theater on Larkin street -- is suing Oracle after an employee of the database giant, America's Cup sponsor and otherwise titan of the technology industry rang up a $33,540 bill and the company refused to pay, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Last year, Jose Manuel Gomez Sanchez visited the club on Oct. 2 and on Oct. 4 -- during last year's Oracle Open World, the 2013 edition of which is opening today, according to reports.

    Sanchez rang up $16,940 in "unspecificed 'services'" on his card on Oct. 2, and then another $17,050 in charges on Oct. 4, the newspaper reported -- all on his company-issued American Express.

    It's unclear if Sanchez still works for the company. An Oracle spokeswoman did not comment to the newspaper.