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Showing Giant Pride, One Tweet at a Time

SF Agency launches "W@ll Of Fame"



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    The AKQA W@ll of Fame Twitter feed at work.

    If you're anywhere near AT&T Park tonight, look up, and check out the W@ll of Fame, Ad-agency style.  AKQA, an agency headquartered near the ballpark, is shouting their love for the G-Men from the rooftops.  Literally.  And they want you to help.

    All tweets sent with the hashtag #GOGIANTS will be broadcasted live on a giant brick wall across the street from the stadium.  For a specific location, check out the corner of King street and 2nd, right across from 24 Willie Mays Plaza.  The tweets are thrown up as they come in, and give an idea of just what people are thinking as they hunch over their laptops and mobile phones.  As game two gears up, expect the tweets to come in fast and furious.

    Normally, AKQA works at marketing the likes of Nike, Visa, VW, and The City's own Gap.  But now, let's be honest, the Bay Area is bonkers for the World Series, and social networking sites like Twitter are working overtime.  AKQA, by renting a projector and throwing up tweets, is giving local fans - and visitors - a chance to read the mood of baseball fans.

    It's digital love, broadcast for anyone to see.  Check it out, or, better yet, send one yourself on your way to the ballpark.  It's a chance to see your Twitter handle in lights.

    You Don't Need a Ticket To Enjoy the Giants

    [BAY] You Don't Need a Ticket To Enjoy the Giants
    AT&T Park is packed both inside and outside the gates.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010)

    Scott is heading to the rooftop as you read this.  He's on Twitter:  @scottbudman