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Silicon Valley Investors Buy Las Vegas Club

Brokers overcome lucky 8s to secure property.



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    A mysterious group of Silicon Valley investors have purchased an exclusive property in Las Vegas for $10.4 million.

    What happens in Las Vegas stays there -- especially if you own your own club.

    A collection of Silicon Valley investors known only for their "fondness" for Sin City have paid $10.456 million for the Stirling Club, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

    And the story of how boils down to lucky numbers for their brokers.

    The Stirling Club is a 3.3-acre compound not too far away from the Las Vegas strip. It's been vacant since 2012, but offers palatial accomodations: a 3.3-acre compound with an 80,000-square foot mansion, a lounge and adjoining restaurant with a spa, pool, tennis courts, 10 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms, The Sun reported.

    So how did a still anonymous group of "meticulous perfectionist[s]" outbid buyers the world over? The number 8 -- or, rather, the unlucky number 4.

    The brokers working on buying the property on for their Silicon Valley clients noticed bids coming in ending in 8, the newspaper reported. 8 is a lucky number in Asian culture -- so they put in a much higher bid ending in 4, 5, and 6 -- all unlucky numbers.

    That won the bid for the property -- and what to do with it, which sits in a gated community, an exclusive club within an exclusive club? And who bought it?

    We'll see.

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