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Thank Goodness! Google Creates Gmail App for iPad



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    Gmail's iPad app.

    Hopelessly attached to Gmail? Google comes to the rescue for iPad users, announcing a new iPad-formatted mobile interface for Gmail. There's nothing to download — this sweet dual-pane interface will show up automatically when you navigate to on the iPad. From Google:

    We're releasing an experimental user interface for the iPad built on the Gmail for mobile HTML5 Web app that we launched last year for the iPhone and Android devices. Those devices have large screens compared to other phones, and tablets like the iPad give us even more room to innovate. To take advantage of the iPad's large display, we've created a two-pane view with your list of conversations on the left and messages to the right.

    Although a full-fledged Google Voice app will be absent from the iPad

    just as it is with the iPhone

    , Google's YouTube app will make an appearance on the iPad, as well as a Google Maps application that will add Streetview (available on the iPhone) and Terrain View,

    neither of

    which is not available on the iPhone version. As with many things Google, these iPad implementations are experimental and will probably be in beta for a while.

    Via Mac Rumors