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The Most Expensive App Is a Bargain for Some

Expensive Bar review app could be a hit with wannabe lawyers



    The Bar review goes virtual.

    Lawyers are used to billing outrageous sums for their work but they have years of high costs, including spending thousands on bar review courses, to justify their bills. At least in their own heads.

    So while the rest of the world is shuttering at the new most expensive iPhone app, would be lawyers are salivating over its potential.

    Could it be that an actual Bar review course could cost only $1,000? Yup.

    A $1,000 app called BarMax CA , designed to help law school students pass the California bar exam, was introduced recently and has already become the most expensive item available in Steve Jobs' virtual marketplace.

    The app may seem expensive but for law school graduates used to spending thousands studying for their profession's ultimate exam, the app could be a bargain. The popular BAR/BRI Bar Review -- which comes with an iPhone app for paying members -- costs about $2,000 for example.

    "The BarMax CA app) includes thousands of pages of materials as well as hundreds of hours of audio lectures," TechCrunch's MG Siegler wrote. "It’s all the information you could ever want for the two-month course. And again, it can be done all on your iPhone."

    But does the app actually work? That is all that matters to law students who have hundreds of study guide to choose from.

    The Bar exam is one of the most intense tests around with millions in potential salary on the table.

    And in this high stakes games of poker, wannabe lawyers will gladly pay $1,000 if the app proves to help students pass the Bar.