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Twitter Has a Secret Revenue Plan

COO hints advertising is coming to the social networking site while co-founder says all options are on the table



    Twitter Has a Secret Revenue Plan
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    Twitter says it is finally working on a way to make money.

    Twitter finally has a revenue plan. But it's a secret.

    The Chief Operating Officer of the San Francisco-based social networking site set off a flurry of curious tweets when he told Tech Crunch his site was ready to roll out advertising as early as next year.

    "We will have an advertising strategy," Dick Costolo. "You will see that from us in the future. It will be fascinating, non-traditional, and people will love it.'

    This from a company that has always said it hates ads. Does Costolo mean there will be more partnerships like the recent deal Twitter struck with Microsoft and Bing? Costolo isn't saying.

    But Twitter hopes to make more than $4 million a year in revenue from companies that use data on Twitter by 2010.

    And co-founder Biz Stonetold a group of reporters in England that next year is going to be all about revenue for Twitter, even if that means exploring the option of going public for extra funding.

    "I don't know if we're going to be profitable, but we have plenty of time," he said Monday.

    Twitter also has "plenty" of it $155 million in venture funding left, which gives them plenty of room to figure out how to cash in its virtual pot of gold.