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Ultra-Slim Digicam Is Almost Disposable



    Ultra-Slim Digicam Is Almost Disposable
    It's so cheap you could almost throw it away.

    If this super-slim $23 Winait CD130BT camera were about $15 cheaper, it would be the modern equivalent of those cardboard disposables brides give away at weddings. That's right, it's gotten down to this: a half-inch-thick digital camera that shoots 640x480 pics, barely good enough for emailing.

    Once you've snapped 52 pics, its tiny flash drive is full, and then you have to deal with its ancient USB 1.1 connectivity, making you wait for those low-rez shots to make their way to your PC or Mac. But the file size of the pics is probably not that big, so USB 1.1 might be limited to a minor annoyance.

    Go for it, Bridezilla. Or better yet, ask people attending your wedding to just snap some pics with their cellphones or iPod Nanos.

    UViP, via CrunchGear