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Yahoo Wants You Back



    Yahoo Wants You Back
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    SUNNYVALE, CA - JANUARY 22: The Yahoo logo is seen on a sign outside of the Yahoo Sunnyvale campus January 22, 2008 in Sunnyvale, California. Yahoo is poised to lay off hundreds of employees in hopes of increasing profits and boosting its stock price. No date is set for the layoffs but it is likely that the notice will come around January 29th when the company reports quarterly earnings. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Yahoo's coming attractions include facelifts for its e-mail service and Internet search results.

    The changes outlined Thursday are part of Yahoo's latest attempt to lure back Web surfers who have been spending more of their time hanging out at Internet hot spots such as Facebook and leaning more heavily on Google's e-mail and search services.

    The e-mail upgrade is supposed to make Yahoo's inbox twice as fast. It will also enable users to send the short messages known as "tweets" directly to their Twitter accounts from the mail service. The new features will be available sometime this fall.
    Yahoo will try to distinguish its search results from its technology provider, Microsoft Corp., by offering key information in a capsule that will be highlighted above links to other sites.