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Yahoos Complain of Marissa Mayer's Paperwork Avalanche

There's too much paperwork at Yahoo under new CEO for some.



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    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer loves being in charge -- and she loves paperwork.

    So much so that the company's top executive requires multiple forms of paperwork for every new hire -- which she then takes six weeks to two months to approve, according to Business Insider.

    For example, the interview process at the new Yahoo goes like this: at least four people tag-team interview each potential new hire. Each of those people fill out forms -- then HR compiles those forms into a "master form" that then sits on Mayer's desk before she can approve it. Once she approves it -- there's more waiting, according to sources.

    The process "adds layers of bureaucracy and" undesired waiting, which Mayer was supposed to be streamlining, say some outraged Yahoos, who say that the process is hurting productivity and morale.

    Mayer also had a practice during her first few months in the top office wherein every contact with the media had to be personally approved -- via a form, of course -- by the CEO.

    This may sound like unwanted or unnecessary bureaucracy, but the upside is that companies like Google -- where Mayer made her very well-deserved name -- also have these practices.