Apple Beats Android for Mobile App Cash

Apple's App Store will outstrip Android and other mobile application revenue until 2014, a report said today.

Apple is set to make around $2.91 billion selling apps in 2011, a rise of 63.4 percent increase from the $1.78 billion earned last year from the App Store, according to the Los Angeles Times, quoting from a report from research firm IHS Screen Digest. In comparison, Google's Android Market will jump almost 300 percent compared with last year, to around $425 million.

The report also says that App Store apps will still be the majority (60 percent) of the paid apps bought in 2014. While that sounds impressive, right now Apple is set to make the lion's share of app revenue -- about three-quarters of the cash, or 76 percent, this year.

Overall, mobile apps will see a jump in sales -- around 77.7 percent to $3.8 billion. By 2014, that number is expected to almost triple to $8.3 billion.

I don't think it's a surprise that Apple users pay more for apps, because most developers are already well-aware of that fact. However, as Android saturates the market, that lead will start to erode as those new Android users buy apps.for their platform. I know Android users tend to be cheap (Full Disclosure: I am one) but eventually even a small percentage of millions of users can pay off.

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