Apple Removes Wikileaks App from Store

Four whole days after it was accepted, it was rejected. The unofficial Wikileaks application in the iTunes Store has been removed, according to TechCrunch

It was made available on December 17 and was removed Tuesday morning.

The app that cost $1.99 for information available for free online allowed users to peruse the controversial, secretly leaked documents as well as follow the site's Twitter account.

Founder Julian Assange continues to make headlines, burn bridges and stoke debate, but Alexia Tsosis isn't sure the app violated Apples terms of service. 

Apple told Silicon Alley Insider"We removed WikiLeaks because it violated developer guidelines. An app must comply with all local laws. It may not put an individual or target group in harms way."

Developer Igor Barinov got a note from Apple telling him his work had been pulled. His Twitter account points out that even after being yanked, he's trending at the top of Appsfire.

Other large companies have distanced from Wikileaks -- among them Bank of America, Visa, PayPal, MasterCard and Amazon -- so Apple is not alone in its disdain.

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