Elite iPad Owners Exposed by AT&T Security Hole

Emails of 114,000 owners reveal media, military and political who's who

Thanks to a security loophole on AT&T's website, hackers managed to match the SIM card identification numbers of 114,000 iPads to the emails of their owners.

The loophole was closed two days ago after AT&T was notified of the breach, but the carrier -- which has exclusive rights to service the iPad 3G -- has yet to notify its customers.

The list includes an Air Force Colonel, the CEO's of the New York Times, Time and Dow Jones, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and, reportedly, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

As if iPhone and iPad customers didn't already loathe AT&T enough!

The group that discovered the loophole, Goatse Security, said that the list could be in the hands of third-parties, and that 114,000 may be a conservative estimate.

It's unknown whether Apple is aware of the leak, but it can't help sales of the recently released iPad 3G. Customers of the earlier, Wi-Fi only iPad, appear to be unaffected.

Jackson West has to admit that he kinda hopes that list makes it to WikiLeaks.

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