Google Releases ‘Gmail Motion' April 1

Tired of having to use a mouse and keyboard to reply to those pesky emails? Need to get some mild exercise, or at least break out of your ergonomic funk? "Gmail Motion" is here.

"More than 80 percent of our communication is body language," says one "expert." And Gmail Motion will "free the Gmail user from ... the constraints that modern society ... put on the human body," says another.

When Google puts its mind to something, it usually delivers. Especially on April Fool's Day.

It seems that a techy's only real rival for April Fool's jokes would be baseball players -- what with their hotfoots, bubble-gum-on-the-cap-unbeknownst-to-the-wearer, cross dressing and the like.

But this video and printable schematics made our Foolish Day.

And for a roundup of All Things April Fools, check out's list. A time-sucker of epic proportion. 

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