Googleplex? YouTube May Stream Miramax Soon

Videos of cats jumping into boxes, beware. The premium-tizing of YouTube may well be on the way, via Miramax Films. and others write that Google is talking to Filmyard. Probably because Filmyard is about to purchase Miramax from Disney for a reported $660 million.

Ever since buying YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, Google has wanted to feed premium content -- and premium ad placements -- through that channel. Miramax would put 700 titles at Google's digital fingertips. It puts the company in play against Hulu and Netflix, too.

With Google's possible buy of for $4 billion, the holiday shopping season is heating up.

Apple may or may not have already shopped, too, according to Steve Wozniak's slip about Nuance voice recognition.

Netflix offered a streaming-only subscription recently that is cheaper than its cheapest DVD plan.

With all these streaming moments, is anyone else noticing DVDs being sunsetted like so many VHS tapes?

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