Anarchist Group Wants $3 Billion from Google

An anarchist group called  the Counterforce wants Google to give $3 billion to create anarchist communities around Northern California to solve the housing crisis.

The group previously posted notes on doors of at least one Google employee and his neighbors calling him a "parasite," according to The Verge. The Counterforce also released another statement saying it wanted $3 billion from Google to spawn anarchist collectives where aspiring anarchists could live for free and that it would solve "the housing crisis" in the Bay Area.

Others claiming the Counterforce name claimed responsibility for blocking Amazon worker shuttles in Seattle. The Counterforce is named after a resistance group in Thomas Pynchon novel Gravity’s Rainbow, and dislikes the technology, according to The Verge.  "We want to destroy the capitalist system, create a new world without an economy, and push back against the alienating technologies that are coming to dominate the cultural and physical landscape," the group said in an email to site..
"I find it ethically questionable, singling out individual people," Enrico Moretti, a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley and the author of a book that estimates that every new tech job creates five additional jobs outside the tech sector told The Verge. "I don’t think it’s representative of how people feel about this. That said, I think it’s working."
Anarchists are defined as people who believe that government and laws are not necessary and may use violence as a means to overthrow the status quo. That said, we're not sure that asking for billions to establish anarchist collectives is the best way to do that, both philosophically and logistically.
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