Windows Phone Apparently Elegant (Insert a Double-Take Here)

Daring Fireball founder 'really impressed' with Windows 7 phone

Is that a Windows phone in your pocket, or are you just glad to see the mobile market?

Apparently, and no joking around, Microsoft has built an impressive, elegant, 'iPhone-caliber' competitor for the ever-growing and hyper-competitive mobile market. Well, at least according to one guy. But that guy is Daring Fireballs's John Gruber -- an unabashed Apple fanboy and user-interface warlock, so what he's saying matters.

On his podcast, co-hosted with Dan Benjamin and titled 'The Talk Show,' Gruber got to fool around with a Windows Phone 7 model after the Web 2.0 Expo, last week in New York. The Business Insider has their commentary on Gruber and the 7-Phone here.

In fairness, in the same podcast, Gruber puzzles over Apple's weird, new, additional-superfluous-button remote for their AppleTV. Just saying, it sort of goes to credibility.

Highlights from his comments:

  • "It is absolutely a real, credible competitor in this space, in terms of polish and quality. It is absolutely very, very impressive."
  • "I was really impressed... My impressions were very, very favorable."
  • It's way lighter than the iPhone 4 "in a good way."
  • "The software keyboard? Fantastic."
  • Compared to Nexus-1, Windows Phone and iPhone trump keyboard interface of Nexus-1/Android.
  • Windows Phone 7 has "iPhone-caliber latency for touch, input and scrolling. Not 'jaggy' like the Nexus-1.
  • Over a month of hard usage, he'd prefer the Windows Phone 7 over the Android. Hands down.

By the way, while you were reading this, your Outlook crashed.

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