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Republicans a Bunch of Bacon Haters: Grayson

The pork industry had better watch out for Republicans



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    U.S. Rep Alan Grayson knows so much about the Republican strategy that you'd think he was an elephant in his former life.

    The Orlando Democrat, who made headlines last week for claiming the Republican answer to the national health care crisis was for Americans to "die quickly," took to the House floor Thursday one more time to blast his "Republican friends."

    Republicans Hate Bacon

    Now, the GOP are bacon-haters.

    "They understand that if Barack Obama had a BLT sandwich tomorrow for lunch, [Republicans] would try to ban bacon," Grayson said, while also confirming that he doesn't plan to apologize for anything.

    Well anything except for that holocaust thing.

    Grayson's five-minute rant basically called the GOP a group of haters, period.

    They hate health care reform. They hate world peace. They hate feeding the hungry. They hate President Obama. (We may be able to confirm one of those accusations).

    "If Barack Obama were somehow able to cure hunger in the world, the Republicans would blame him for overpopulation," Grayson said.

    Grayson even seemed to know that Obama was going to win the Nobel Peace Prize today.

    "If Barack Obama brought about world peace, Republicans would blame him for destroying the defense industry," he said.

    If this political thing doesn't work out, we could always use another stand up comedian at the Miami Improv.

    Now, let's wait to see how Rep. Joe Wilson and his Republican buddies responds to Grayson's latest slap in the face.

    For now, watch out pork industry.