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Holiday Card Photo Shoot Busted by Park Ranger

Official enforces rule requiring permits at state parks



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    Joe Flood
    Luckily, these newlyweds didn't have their snog-fest busted up on the beach in Carmel.

    While no permit is required for amateur shutterflies at California's state parks, one is required for commercial photography.

    But what if you're just an amateur who uses professional equipment? Or a professional taking photos for the family Christmas card?

    Then you might get a visit from a park ranger, and possibly even a citation.

    At least, that's what a Seacliff photographer found out when he wanted to snap some shots of his family at Seacliff State Beach near Santa Cruz.

    He didn't get a citation, but he did come back the next week and get the pictures he wanted.

    The good news is, citations are rare according to a park official -- and the state park system is so poorly funded, chances that there will actually be a ranger on hand to shoo you away are slim.

    Photo by Joe Flood.

    Jackson West figures this is one way you could increase revenue for state parks.