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How Much Pot Does it Take to Get a Sumo High?

Apparently 16 grams



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    Famed sumo wrestler Wakakirin was arrested in a growing drug scandal in Japan.

    A Japanese sumo wrestler was arrested and accused of marijuana possession Friday, the fourth wrestler in the country's ancient sport to be implicated in a widening drug scandal.
    The wrestler is known by his ring name of Wakakirin. Police said they arrested him and a friend after finding 16 grams of cannabis in an office they were in. Marijuana possession in Japan is punishable by up to five years in prison.

    Wakakirin, whose real name is Shinichi Suzukawa, is the first Japanese wrestler to be arrested on accusations of marijuana possession.

    Last year, Russian sumos Roho and Hakurozan tested positive for marijuana. Wakanoho, also Russian, was banned for life by the Japan Sumo Association after his marijuana arrest. All three were expelled from the sport, prompting the resignation of the head of the sumo association.