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Marin Shopkeeper "Accidentally" Feeds Marijuana Cookies to Kids, Art Teacher



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    Use caution.

    Three children and an art teacher were made ill by pot-laced cookies given "accidentally" to them by a Marin County shop owner, according to reports.

    An investigation in Fairfax began June 12, the Marin Independent Journal reported, after a woman began "mysteriously ailing" on Mitchell Lane.

    Turns out that a merchant had offered the woman, who led an outdoor children's art class, some cookies. Three other children, stewards of the art teacher, had also fallen ill after eating of the cookies, the newspaper reported.

    The investigation revealed THC in the cookies -- the "psychoactive ingredient in marijuana," the newspaper reported.

    The art teacher and another child were both treated at an area hospital, the newspaper reported. The children were 12 and 13 years old.

    Lori Kulberg, proprietor of the Culture Shock clothing store, was identified as the cookie-provider. In a telephone interview with reporters, she called the incident a "total accident."

    Police declined to comment if Kulberg "raised a claim of having a medical marijuana privilege," the newspaper reported.