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Web Stunt Cost Smoothie Worker His Job



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    Now he wants his job back.

    A former Northern California smoothie store worker is trying get his job back after being fired for a spoof that played out over the Internet.

    The trouble centers around a YouTube video captured at an Antelope Jamba Juice store in which a burger from Carl's Jr. is chopped up in a blender.

    Jamba Juice worker Lorenzo Adams said he made the video Saturday with the help of two other employees. All three workers lost their jobs after the video surfaced.

    "I think it was unfair that they fired me," Adams said. "I know what I did was wrong ... but I think they could have handled the situation a lot better than they did."

    In the video, Adams and another worker talk about eating burgers from Carl's Jr. One of them tries to top the other by saying he would like his burger blended.

    The burger is put into a Jamba Juice blender and pulverized with ice. During a taste test, one of the workers drinks right out of the blender cup, and some of the mess flies all over the floor of the store.

    Adams said he needs a job to make car payments and pay his cell phone bill.

    "I haven't even told my mom yet," Adams said Friday. "I'm trying to find another job really quick."

    Adams said if he had any idea of the fallout, he would not have made the video.

    KCRA television attempted to contact Jamba Juice but the company did not respond on Friday.

    This is not the first time online restaurant escapades have landed workers in trouble. Last year, some Kentucky Fried Chicken workers in Anderson were fired after using a restaurant sink as a bath tub and then posting photos on the Web.

    This article originally appeared on KCRA.com