Condom Couture at Project Inform

Innovative designs made of condoms at the Project Inform runway show. Photos from SF Indie Fashion.

7 photos
Drew Altizer Photography
Since 1985 Project Inform has been working to educate and improve health care for those infected with HIV, and to prevent the spread of the disease. These dresses are constructed out of condoms to promote safe sex. An asymmetrical skirt and off-the-shoulder top in black and white. , courtesy of Drew Alitzer photography.
Drew Altizer Photography
A strapless number with a swingy, flapper-style skirt
Drew Altizer Photography
A modern hooded mini-dress. Lady Gaga might rock this one.
Drew Altizer Photography
An elegant strapless gown with a golden tiered bottom.
Drew Altizer Photography
A light blue cocktail dress belted at the waist. Who knew something plastic could look this floral?
Drew Altizer Photography
A pale gold bubble skirt and top with red accents.
Drew Altizer Photography
A dramatic wide-brimmed hat with a skirt that does not skimp on volume.
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