Patriotic Pups

Fido may see color differently than his owner, but there's no question that these dogs are all about the red, white and blue. Click through to see how dogs from across the country celebrate the Fourth of July.

6 photos
Tony the Misfit via Flickr
Though not in costume, "Little Girl" is clearly enjoying the Fourth in her own way.
Randy Son of Robert via Flickr
This dog in Thousand Oaks, California, rocks a summeryl ensemble complete with shades.
Instagram / alinelimaz
A decorative collar is all this Kentucky dog needs to feel like a part of the party.
Instagram / alinelimaz
Duffy, a golden retriever, is the star of a parade float in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.
Paul Keleher via Flicker
It's hard to tell from his expression whether or not this bulldog in Westwood, Massachusetts, appreciates his collar decoration.
TroyMason via Flickr
This canine in Steilacoom, Washington, is one hot dog in a flag neck scarf.
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