Girl Gets Stuck in Washing Machine for 90 Minutes

An 11-year-old Utah girl had to be rescued from the family washing machine after she got stuck during a game of hide and seek. 

Firefighters say she climbed in during a game with her cousins and was trapped for nearly 90 minutes.
The girl's family tried butter, peanut butter, ice, and then warm water when she got cold, but they could not get her out.
That's when they called 911.
First responders arrived at the house carrying an assortment of tools. Luckily, they were able to remove the dryer above and pull the girl out.
“Afterwards we laughed about it. We all laughed about it,” said the girl’s mother. “But at the time it was scary.”
Family members say the girl is embarrassed and does not want her identity revealed, but otherwise she's just fine.
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