SoCal Beating Victim: They Made Me Miss Boston Legal

A 76-year-old La Mesa woman told a packed courtroom Monday about the night she answered the door and was beaten, kidnapped and forced in the trunk of her own car. . 

Sandy Herbst-Vinge was abducted from her home in December and held in the trunk of her car for more than 24 hours, according to police. Read article here

Three teenagers were arrested in connection to the case: Luis Osborne, Jeffrey Nelson and Antoinette Baker. They face a host of charges, including robbery, kidnapping and torture. They have all pleaded not guilty. Read article here

Vinge testified Monday afternoon as part of the preliminary hearing for the suspects in her attack.

Nelson and two other suspects drove around for more than 24 hours before deputies pulled the car over after it went through a red light, according to police. Investigators said they also found a shovel in that car.

"He just hit me once, then he opened it again, and hit me again here, one the left side, yeah, and then the other person hit me on this side and called me a bitch," Vinge testified.

Vinge, in a really sweet voice, referred to one of the defendants by  his first name throughout her testimony. She explained how her hands were tied to her waist and she was unable to hold on as her car sped around the county.

"I asked Jeffrey not to drive so fast," she testified. "I did ask him for water and he wouldn't give me any and every time I did ask him, he would turn the stereo up full blast so he didn't have to listen to me."

The prosecutor wanted to establish the time of the attack so he asked what Vinge was watching on television. Vinge testified she was watching the finale of Boston Legal and missed the final moments of the popular series because of the attack.

The defendants are being held on $2 million bail each. The judge is expected to rule Tuesday whether they'll stand trial.

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