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Saving Water Could Soon Cost You More



    Saving Water Could Soon Cost You More
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    People in the Bay Area have gotten so good at saving water, utilities want to thank them with a rate hike.

    Water rates could rise at least 47% to make up for the revenue lost because of the decrease in water usage according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    26 Bay Area water districts use the water in the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. This year about 143 million gallons of water are expected to be used each day. However, that is 21 million gallons less than four years ago.

    When people are using less water, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission which manages the Hetch Hetchy, loses money. To make up for it, they want to raise the price per one unit (748 gallons of water) by $.90 to $2.80. If our water use continues to drop, the price would increase to $2.90.

    Even though it sounds like a lot, the average customer won't see as large an increase. The SFPUC says expect about a 16.5% increase on your bill.

    The commission will vote during its May 10 meeting on the proposed rate hike.