Millionaire's Tax

Cutting Through the Rhetoric

It’s no surprise that California's chronically mis-managed budget has triggered a new round of cuts, and new calls to "tax the rich." 

Caught up in this frenzy to find more money, Governor Brown’s proposal has been mislabeled a “millionaire’s tax."

Let’s be accurate. The Governor’s initiative would hike taxes on incomes starting at $250,000,
and it would raise sales taxes for everyone.

Between now and November, a variety of revenue raising plans will compete for your vote, including new oil and tobacco taxes.

NBC Bay Area will help you cut through the rhetoric.

But if we decide to give more money to Sacramento, we must demand that reforms are built in,
that budgets are truly balanced and transparent.

So we stop this relentless charade of over-estimating revenues and under-estimating spending.
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