Smart Meter Rollout Not So Smart

Fix the Faults First

And now an NBC Bay Area Editorial...

PG&E's smart meters are sparking neighborhood boycotts from Fresno to Marin.
San Francisco's calling for an immediate moratorium until testing's done and we agree.
I'm Suzanne Shaw (NBC Bay Area Editorial Director)
Complaints and rates have soared since smart meters, doubling even tripling some utility bills. Made by several vendors, our parent company G.E. for one, smart meters have been plagued with problems.
PG&E admits there's a 1% failure rate. But 1% of 10 million customers is too much.
And what about our "watch dog" The Public Utilities Commission? Too little, too late, independent reviews didn't even start til May.
We believe the rollout of 10,000 meters per day is premature and should stop, until PG&E can prove on their time, not ours, they're really the smart choice.

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