• coronavirus Nov 18

    The EU's Historic Coronavirus Stimulus Is Now at Risk: Here's What You Need to Know

    Poland and Hungary have put the EU’s coronavirus stimulus plan at risk, by vetoing the historic deal.

  • Donald Trump Jun 13

    World Joins US Protests But Leaders Restrained About Trump

    People have taken to the streets of Berlin, London, Paris and other cities around the world to demonstrate in support of Black Lives Matter protesters in the United States and to vent anger over President Donald Trump’s response to the police killing of George Floyd.

  • NATO Jun 11

    Germany: US Troop Reduction Could Harm NATO Security

    Germany’s defense minister is suggesting that U.S. President Donald Trump’s reported plans to withdraw more than a quarter of the American troops out of Germany could weaken not only the NATO alliance but the U.S. itself

  • Angela Merkel Mar 23

    Merkel in Quarantine After Doctor Tests Positive for Virus

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into quarantine after being informed that a doctor who administered a vaccine to her has tested positive for the new coronavirus

  • Angela Merkel Feb 10

    German Politics Upended as Merkel's Heir Apparent Quits

    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s heir apparent has shaken up German politics by announcing she is stepping down as the governing party’s leader and won’t run for chancellor next year

  • Emmanuel Macron Dec 4, 2019

    Trump Calls Canadian PM ‘Two-Faced' After NATO Open Mic Moment

    While NATO leaders professed unity on Wednesday at a summit near London, a spat rippled under the surface after several were caught in an unguarded exchange on camera apparently gossiping about U.S. President Donald Trump’s behavior....


    Trump branded Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two-faced” after the remarks captured during a reception in London at Buckingham Palace....


    Trudeau was seen standing in a...

  • Donald Trump Oct 17, 2019

    White House: US to Host Next G-7 Summit at Trump National Doral Miami

    The White House said Thursday it has chosen President Donald Trump’s golf resort near Miami as the site for next year’s Group of Seven summit. The announcement to hold the event at Trump National Doral comes at the same time the president has accused Joe Biden’s family of profiting from public office because of Hunter Biden’s business activities in Ukraine...

  • Donald Trump Oct 17, 2019

    G-7 to Be Held at Trump Doral Resort in 2020

    Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced on Thursday that the G-7 summit will be held at President Donald Trump’s National Doral Resort in Florida from June 10 through June 12, 2020. When reporters asked about how selecting a Trump property could have the appearance of a conflict of interest, Mulvaney said the president believed benefits of hosting…

  • Germany Aug 21, 2019

    German City Offers $1.1M to Whoever Proves It Doesn't Exist

    A German city that’s been the subject of a long-running online light-hearted conspiracy theory claiming it doesn’t really exist is offering big bucks to whoever proves that’s true. Officials in Bielefeld said Wednesday they’ll give 1 million euros ($1.1 million) to the person who delivers solid proof of its non-existence. They said there are “no limits to creativity” for entrants,...

  • president Aug 19, 2019

    Funeral for Lost Ice: Iceland Bids Farewell to Glacier

    It was a funeral for ice. With poetry, moments of silence and political speeches about the urgent need to fight climate change, Icelandic officials, activists and others bade goodbye to what once was a glacier. Icelandic geologist Oddur Sigurðsson pronounced the Okjokull glacier extinct about a decade ago. But on Sunday he brought a death certificate to the made-for-media memorial....

  • Donald Trump Jul 14, 2019

    France Trumpets Shared European Defense on Bastille Day

    France’s annual Bastille Day parade became a showcase for defense cooperation in Europe as leaders of other European nations joined President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday to review their military contingents marching on the Champs-Elysees avenue. Flags of the 10 countries participating in the European Intervention Initiative, a French-led joint military pact created at Macron’s initiative, led off the military parade...

  • president Jul 11, 2019

    Angela Merkel Seen Shaking For 3rd Time

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen shaking as she met with Finland’s visiting prime minister on Wednesday. It’s the third time Merkel has been seen shaking in a month.

  • president Jul 10, 2019

    German Leader Merkel Seen Shaking for 3rd Time in a Month

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s body shook visibly at a public event for the third time in less than a month on Wednesday, but the longtime leader insisted that there’s nothing to worry about. Merkel shook as she stood at a military honors ceremony alongside Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne outside the chancellery in Berlin, listening to the two countries’ national...

  • Donald Trump Jul 3, 2019

    Trump Adds Tanks to July 4th Celebration

    The display of military hardware is something the president has wanted since he attended a Bastille Day military parade in France a couple years ago. Some critics say the president is turning a nonpartisan celebration into a political rally.

  • Donald Trump Jun 28, 2019

    Trump Slams Democratic Debaters From Japan

    President Donald Trump says Democratic White House contenders’ willingness to extend government health care to people in the country illegally will get him reelected.

  • Donald Trump Feb 16, 2019

    Merkel Defends Iran Deal, Multilateralism But Pence Resists

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel drew lengthy applause Saturday for her spirited defense of a multilateral approach to global affairs and support for Europe’s decision to stand by a nuclear deal with Iran. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence was not among the impressed, however, and he doubled down on American criticism of Europe. Merkel’s comments at the Munich Security Conference, an...

  • Germany Nov 7, 2018

    Italy Working to Help Pakistani Christian in Blasphemy Case

    Italy said Tuesday that it is working to help relocate the family of a Pakistani Christian woman acquitted eight years after being sentenced to death for blasphemy, amid warnings from her husband that the family’s life is in danger in Pakistan. The Foreign Ministry said it was coordinating with other countries to ensure safety for Asia Bibi and her family....

  • Donald Trump Jun 19, 2018

    Merkel Says Climate Change Is ‘a Fact,' Laments US Stance

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel took aim Tuesday at U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord, calling the move “very regrettable” at a time when the overwhelming majority of countries worldwide are trying to limit global warming. “We know climate change isn’t a matter of faith,” she told an international climate meeting in Berlin. “It’s a fact.”...

  • Donald Trump Jun 11, 2018

    Germany's Chancellor Merkel Calls Trump's G-7 Tweets ‘Depressing'

    German leader Angela Merkel said it was “sobering and a little depressing” to see President Donald Trump withdraw from the G-7 agreement via Twitter after leaving the summit early, NBC News reports. It appeared Trump had agreed a fragile consensus with the other members of the G-7 — or Group of Seven, a club of industrialized nations — by agreeing...

  • Donald Trump Jun 11, 2018

    Trump Leaves US Allies Frustrated at G7 Summit

    President Donald Trump left the G7 Summit early, leaving countries allied with the United States in a state of frustration over new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Amid that backlash, the White House has announced President Trump will leave earlier than originally planned, departing Saturday morning several hours before the G7 meetings end.

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