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Mercedes Gets Into the Personal Helicopter Business



    Mercedes Gets Into the Personal Helicopter Business

    Stuck in traffic, I dream of soaring above it all in the ultimate luxury helicopter. This is it. Eurocopter was looking for only the fanciest of interiors, so who to call? Why, Mercedes-Benz, of course. The gallery below shows you just one of the possibilities for the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style's fancy seats and luxury accoutrements.

    We especially like the wood floors in this eight-passenger cabin. Like the limousine its occupants probably just got out of, there's a petition between cabin and cockpit to keep the lucky riders away from the hoi polloi. After this helicopter delivers its occupants to their destination, might we suggest they choose their own personal Cessna Citation CJ4 jet as their longer-distance conveyance.

    So let's get this straight: to get these uppercrust tycoons from one meeting to the next, the routine is Mercedes limousine, Mercedes helicopter, and then ultra-sporty personal minijet. Must be nice. They're not telling us is the price for this chopper — which is certainly well into the zillions — or when such a thing will be available.

    Mercedes, via Luxury Launches

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