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7/16-7/18: The Symphony Goes "Psycho"

The Sisters of Swing, the Symphony does "Psycho" and the Mission Creek Music and Art Festival



    7/16-7/18: The Symphony Goes "Psycho"
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    Psycho star Janet Leigh died Oct. 3, 2004. The actress, who acted with Frank Sinatra and Charlton Heston in The Manchurian Candidate and Touch of Evil respectively, was the mother of actresses Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis.

    Not only do the Sisters of Swing have soul but they also pay tribute to the most successful women's group of all time: the Andrews Sisters. The musical drama takes you on tour back in time when music was fun and the Andrews Sisters were it. The show runs this weekend as the Off Broadway Series continues.

      The San Francisco Symphony is one of the best around. Every year they win every type of award imaginable but despite their success, they are still willing to take risks. That's where this weekend comes in. The symphony will play alongside the cult classic "Psycho." Confused how that works? Then head down to the City and treat yourself to a real treat.
    The 14th annual Mission Creek Music and Art Festival returns to venues all across San Francisco Friday night with special musical and theatrical performances. For a full run down of events visit the festival's website.