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See the beauty behind the phenomenon at Black Rock.

Burning Man Dries Out

Burning Man 2010



    Burning Man Dries Out
    Josh Keppel
    AfroQBen plays bass at the man with Nico Luminous as the sun sets on the playa Tuesday afternoon.

    The line getting into Black Rock City Monday evening was stopped for an hour-and-a-half as rain pounded the playa.

    Those already inside the city took shelter and watched as the ground turned to mud and people walking or on bikes had to deal with the rapidly collecting mud beneath them.

    After the rainstorm, a “double-rainbow, oh my God, what does it mean?” fell over the city to the delight of everyone.

    Those waiting in cars to get into the city ended up waiting at least four hours after turning off of the road into the event.  That’s nothing compared to the five-hour, non-rain-induced line at the start of the event on Monday morning.

    Once the storm cleared, and the ground dried, the weather has been ideal.  Not too hot in the days and not super cold at night.  No wind, no white-outs, no dust (thanks to the rain patting everything down).

    We’ll see what the rest of the week has in store.