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Gameloft and Lady Antebellum Bring Social Media to Fans

San Francisco company helps band engage



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    Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum.

    Lady Gaga does it, Kanye West does it. Now, Lady Antebellum is using technology to reach out to fans in a new way.

    The Grammy winning "Need You Now" band is hooking up with San Francisco-based Gameloft to reach out to fans, letting them participate in contests and interact with other fans - the latest way big bands are trying to bridge the gap between themselves and their fans.

    Sometimes, these outreaches go well; sometimes they come off kind of cheesy - the goal is to bring die-hard fans a little closer to the action than, say, a massively subscribed Facebook page.

    This time, the action takes place in a game. It's called "The Oregon Trail: American Settler, and in it, players can interact with Lady Antebellum by performing "tasks" within the game.  You can find the game both in the Apple App Store, and on Google Play. If you're heading over to play it now, let us know what you think.

    Lots of bands license music to video games; this time, the Country trio is putting itself in the game. If it works, they'll get more than just album sales - they'll manage to create a closer bond with their fans.

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