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Lottery Alert: Do You Feel Lucky?



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    Did you buy your mega million ticket?

    Yet another night of no winners has put the Mega Millions Lottery into the "gotta buy a ticket" category.

    Our odds are the same (about zero) no matter the jackpot, but it is a little bit more fun to join in when it gets this high.
    $266 million is up for grabs tomorrow night.  That is up from $224 million on Friday.  Tuesday's jackpot is NO. 8 on the all-time high list.  The record jackpot was $315 million back in November 2005.

    MEGA Millions is a multi-state game, played in California and 38 other states.

    You pick five numbers from 1 to 56 plus a Mega-number from 1 to 46.

    The drawing is at 8 p.m.