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'Murphy Brown' Returns via Sketchfest



    Got a joke about John Sununu and Ollie North? You'll want to bring those and all your best Danny Quayle one-liners to this year's SF Sketchfest.

    In addition to Dan Akroyd, Cloris Leachman, and Neil Patrick Harris, The SFist reminds us that Candice Bergen and Diane English will be stopping by for the "Tribute to Murphy Brown" on February 2nd, as part of the SF Sketchfest's Great Collaborators Series.

    "Murphy Brown" received 62 Emmy nominations, 18 Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and a George Foster Peabody Award for Significant and Meritorious Achievement.

    The 10th Annual SF Sketchfest runs January 13 - February 5, 2011.

    More information can be found on SFSketchfest.com.