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Dave Eggers Channels the Hipster In All of Us

Bay Area writer shows up to an event wearing a surprisingly hip outfit



    A poster for Dave Eggers' book on display at Green Apple books in San Francisco.

    Live long enough in San Francisco and chances are that the City's vibrant hipster scene will eventually seep its way into your wardrobe.

    Take writer Dave Eggers for example.

    The 39-year-old San Francisco transplant, who wrote the screenplay for the new Spike Jonze movie "Where the Wild Things Are," made an appearance at a party for the  movie at 826 Valencia in the City, wearing a stylish pinstripe jacket with a hoodie underneath.

    The event -- hosted by the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco who is currently hosting an exhibit about the author of the children's behind the movie -- was by no means a suit and tie event judging on what Eggers' co-stars wore for the evening. Jonze and actress Catherine Keener, wore button up shirts with a sweater and a black jacket respectively.

    Still there was something curiously hip about the former San Francisco Weekly writer's ensemble.