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City Alcohol Tax Vote Could Pop Again



    City Alcohol Tax Vote Could Pop Again
    Talk of alcohol taxes in the City won't go away.

    The proposal to add an alcohol fee in the City refuses to get corked.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsomvetoed a measure that would have charged booze wholesalers and distributors a new alcohol fee.

    But Supervisor John Avalos vowed to take the fight to the voters, if necessary, to overturn the veto. But before a city known to sip its adult beverages was asked its opinion, Avalos had the opportunity to convince his fellow supervisors to override the veto.

    Now the supervisor is asking for the vote to be delayed. He needs eight to erase signatures stamp of disapproval, right now he only has six.

    Quite the politician, Avalos said at a meeting Tuesday that he wants the delay so the city attorney can explain why Newsom -- who has owned alcohol selling establishments and has even joked about becoming a wine store clerk when his political career ends -- didn't recuse himself from the decision.

    Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pierdid remove herself from the conversation because she is the owner of an alcohol wholeseller's permit.