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Creamy Yumness for Way, Way Under a Dollar



    Creamy Yumness for Way, Way Under a Dollar
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    Get a small scoop for 31 cents at participating Baskin Robbins on Wednesday, April 29 from 5-10PM

    We like when the "free nights" and "discounted afternoons" and "buy 2 get one-half at one-half off days" roll around in the restaurant industry. It gives people a chance to try the place for a song, and the eatery gets new customers and some love.

    We also love that Baskin Robbins, during the ice-creamery's 31 Cent Scoop Night, is putting the focus on our volunteer firefighters. The company is making a sizeable donation to the National Volunteer Fire Council, and makes note that at certain BR locations ice cream fans can donate to firefighters in their area.

    31 Cent Scoop Night is on Wednesday, April 29, from 5-10PM. The upshot: a small scoop of something cold and yummy is just 31 cents (we think the event name is beautifully clear, in fact). Note tax may be involved at some locations, so you best throw a couple of extra coins in the pocket just in case. We're tempted to dig out three dimes and a penny from the couch, but we'll definitely pocket an extra quarter as back-up.

    The company site says the big event is taking place at "participating stores," so if you're keen on getting that scoop of sorbet, you might make sure your local shop is part of the deal before legging it over. And while the sorbets have always been favorites of ours, especially that electric-blue one -- raspberry? -- we still dream of that chocolate-coffee flavor from back when we were just ice-cream loving tots. Not Jamocha Almond Fudge, although we j'adore that one, too. What was it called? Chocolata Chocolate? Delicious.