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Early Critics Weigh In on Thermidor



    Early Critics Weigh In on Thermidor

    The gentlemen who brought you Spork in spring of 2007, chef Bruce Binn and Neil Jorgenson soft-launched Thermidor in Mint Plaza almost exactly six weeks ago. Ever since, all walks of Yelper, OpenTabler and blogger have been filing early reports on the modernized ode to 60's cuisine and style. Last night, the owners hosted a little grand opening gathering at the restaurant; thus we've deemed today the perfect day to compile the popular opinions out there and request your additions right here or in the comments section below.


    The Good News: Scott Hocker of Tasting Table speaks out strongly in favor: "At Thermidor...a refreshing combination of old-guard eats and mid-century design upends the familiar tropes of Bay Area restaurants...Binn's outstanding food harnesses the rarified excesses of fine dining from the last 150 years, reconfiguring them with his own contemporary style. [TastingTable]