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Frog Leg Truck Goes Live Tonight



    Frog Leg Truck Goes Live Tonight
    You could be eating frog legs like this out of a taco truck tonight.

    Just a friendly reminder: tonight on the corner of Folsom and 7th St. in San Francisco you can get your hands on some frog legs.

    Chez Spencer's Laurent Katgely will be serving fine French food out of his new fully refurbished stainless steel taco truck. Yup, French food out of the back of a truck. Chef Boyarde has never been so jealous.

    And not just any type of fine French food. The man is serving frog legs and wine.The truck will serve frog legs and skate cheeks, and then there is also word that "Chez Spencer's 78-year-old blind pianist who has a plug-in piano for a little added ambiance."

    You can follow all the non-taco frog leg truck updates on Chez Spencer's Twitter account @CHEZSPENCERGO.