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How to Rig McDonald's Monopoly Game



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    One down, only several hundred thousand more to go.

    So your name is not Morgan Spurlock but you have still developed a fetish for slamming nothing but McDonald's down your throat. It must be Monopoly season again.

    The fast food chain's popular promotion based on the Milton Bradley board game is back promising big prizes. After all "one in four" people scratch off a victory.

    But what are the chances that the Big Mac you just scarfed down will lead to the $1 million prize? Not good.

    One reader at Eat With a Spork did some number crunching using the site's prize calculator and found out how many licks of a Big Mac it takes to get to a real money prize.

    You only have to buy 476,991Big Macs to set yourself up with a pretty good chance of winning $500. That would only cost you $1,779,176.43 to get there. Not a bad return, minus all the heart burn.

    If you've got the stomach, and the cash, to take down the McDonald's system, you can find your local Bay Area Ronald McDonald here.

    Via Eater SF and the Consumerist.